PackSendCN have founded a professional Team in goods/factory/Production/Facts inspection after working for 10+ years. Your goods will have the best caring in PackSendCN processing Center. You can also get professional Report for your goods.

PackSendCN inspection services covered 45 main cities China, so wherever your goods in China, Our inspectors from different place can arrange Inspection fastly within 24 hours and save cost.

Need to arrange someone to do inspection on Your Supplier location? Contact PackSendCN Team now!

Pre-Shipment Inspection China

PackSendCN makes it ideal for you to deliver your goods to the right place, now with Pre-Shipment Inspection China services. We at PackSendCN now also deliver quality grade Factory Audit services to make sure your brand represents and delivers what it is supposed to. Need to inspect your own factory for better productivity and customer requirements? Our keen Factory Audit services are widely available all over china for all companies and brands at the best prices for hiring and inspection.

Factory Audit Services

PackSendCN has its own professional team with years of experience with working in the pre-shipment Inspection China with high-level expertise in providing top-notch reports on all circumstances. Our expert inspection team can do a better at inspecting your goods so as to avoid negative customer reviews at all cost. We extensively take care of any sort of out lining in your business inspection and get it known to you for instant improvement as fast as possible. PackSendCN pre-shipment inspection China services are extended over 45 main cities in China. Our inspection experts are very good at arranging with just a day no matter where you are in the country itself.