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How to Ship Goods to FBA Warehouse from China?

How to Ship Goods to FBA Warehouse?

Amazon has among the best fulfillment centers in the world where all you need to do is store your product in one of these centers and Amazon does the rest of the job for you – it picks up the producpacks it and ships it to the intended destination.

What is best about these fulfillment centers is that Amazon also provides customer service on your behalf.

The process of shipping

When you need to ship your products to another country,  all you need to do is locate an FBA shipping center and send your products there. Shipping goods from China to FBA US is absolutely simple and can be done by a reliable FBA forwarder.

The second step of the process (the first step being finding a Fulfillment by Amazon center) is to select your product and get it ready for shipment to Amazon.

The products that you intend to ship need to be labeled using a UPC (Universal Product Code).

Tell Amazon the number of units of your product that you are packaging and sending.
ensure that you also inform them the number of units that should be sold per case.  Get the size and weight of your total consignment to be informed to Amazon and that’s it – you now ship your products to an FBA center.

How to ship

Your products can reach an FBA center through air freight or sea freight or any other mode you deem safe.

To ensure that your products reach the FBA center safely,

you should ideally use the services of an FBA forwarder China – an inspector will be appointed to ensure that your products are in proper condition.

An FBA center allows you to leverage the brand value of Amazon to sell your products all over the world and this is one big brand value we are talking about here.