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FBA Carrier Requirements

Carrier Requirements for Less than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload (FTL), and Full Container (FCL) Deliveries
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For additional requirements for LTL, FTL, and FCL Deliveries, be sure to review the as well as

For weight, dimension, and shipment packing requirements,
For smaller shipments,

When you select a carrier, you are responsible for making sure they comply with the requirements below.  The failure of a carrier to comply with these terms may cause the delivery to be refused. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these requirements.

    • The carrier must have a complete list of Amazon Reference IDs, Shipment IDs, and tracking (PRO) numbers included on or with the BOL; Amazon will require this information when scheduling a dock appointment.

Amazon Reference IDs and Shipment IDs are found in the Summary of the shipping workflow.  PRO numbers are obtained from your carrier.

  • The carrier must communicate box and pallet counts before an appointment will be scheduled. The fulfillment center may request Unit counts if they are provided to the carrier. Floor-loaded trailers should be indicated on the carrier freight bill and when requesting an appointment.
  • Upon arriving at the fulfillment center, the carrier must provide a physical BOL document that meets Amazon requirements. Alternately, the carrier may use an electronic BOL document, if the carrier provides a soft copy to the fulfillment center prior to the scheduled arrival.

Scheduling advanced delivery appointments

The carrier you select to deliver your shipment will need to schedule an advanced delivery appointment. Please ensure that both you and your carrier complete any required steps prior to requesting a delivery appointment.

  • Amazon does not allow general public deliveries – only professional carriers are allowed to make delivery appointments to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • All carriers must register with Amazon before appointments will be granted.
  • No shipments will be accepted at an Amazon fulfillment center without a scheduled appointment.
  • If the scheduled appointment is missed by 30 minutes or more, the freight will be refused at no cost to Amazon.  A new appointment request will need to be submitted and approved by the carrier for attempted re-delivery.
  • Carriers must adhere to Amazon’s delivery requirements and safety standards.
  • Carriers are required to schedule a delivery appointment no less than 24 hours ahead for all inbound deliveries.
  • A standing appointment may be requested for regularly scheduled appointments, but Amazon Reference IDs and Shipment IDs notification are still required 24 hours in advance of the appointment.
  • If a shipment is delayed due to unforeseen weather conditions, the carrier must notify Amazon. Appropriate schedule changes will be made based on availability.

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