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Deliver goods from Zhejiang to FBA US

CNPACKSEND opened new line for the goods from Zhejiang to FBA US AND FBA European countries.

Zhejiang province is one of the production center/Factories Centers in China, Clients like to purchase lots of products from those factories because of the good price and creative products. There’re many famous place in Zhejiang, like Yiwu is famous in China as a commoditiescentre. The developed and managed by Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd.

Yiwu’s China Small-Commodity Market has for 6 consecutive years topped China’s 100 top open markets and was for successive years listed as “China’s civilized open market”. It has been named as the banner of China’s market economy and with a large variety of quality but cheaper commodities.

WITH fast development of FBA business, lot’s of clients transforming their fulfillment center/storage into AMAZON, so the necessary of FBA shipping from Zhejiang to US/EURO becoming more and more. CNPACKSEND eyes on providing most professional and focus on easier shipping from factory to FBA center shipment, So we opened special line from Zhejiang to FBA center directly.

You will have no pain anymore at your FBA Shipping if you ordering goods from Zhejiang province.