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Avoid these products if you are selling on FBA

Recently China post strengthen the security check, returned many sensitive items (such as motor, big circuit board, large metal items), in order to ensure the normal transit, avoid the return of aviation security or customs check, please strictly abide by the limitation of Chinese postal enterprises prohibited and limited items, otherwise the post office will not refund the shipping freight
Part of prohibited and limited items list as follows:

Big circuit board products
Products contain small circuit board, such as MP4, radio, car DVR, etc., allow delivery but can’t guarantee 100% export. Products contain big circuit board products, such as TV sets, video recorders, CD player, etc., please do not send as cannot export recently.
2. All kinds of electronic products with battery
Even if the battery has packed independently, the product inside do not installed the battery, still can’t pass through the security check; toys and light stick without dry cell can deliver, if send dry cell together then cannot pass through.
3. The motor products
Such as stirrer, stirring cup, automatic air pump, The game remote control handle, remote control toys, selfie stick, wall clock, humidifier which contain motor.
4. The magnet products
A block of magnets, magnetic items, such as loudspeaker, Audio with horn, circuit boards with transformer, etc. Because it will influence the signal of the plane, can not pass hrough the security check.
5. Products of guns
Imitation guns, fire guns, bullets and shells.
Such as: any imitation guns, can shoot bullet toy guns both regard as contraband.
6. The cutting tool products
All kinds of knives, crossbow bolts.
7.  The flashlight products
Because of imaging suspected electric shock stick, can’t through the security check.
8.Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods
All kinds of chemical reagents, bottles of liquid.
9. The fire products
Such as flint.
10. Electronic components
Such as: separately deliver button or batch of dry cell, unable to pass through security check.
11.All kinds of pressure vessel, all kinds of compressed gas products
Automatic inflatable rescue equipment and fire extinguishers.
12.  The cosmetics, the drugs
Such as liquid, powder, paste, capsule drugs, no matter how to packing, both unable to pass through security.
13. Any item present “unknown” image in security
Such as: pack with solid thicker foam , lead to the inner packing goods difficult to show the shape and characteristic, for the sake of aviation security will not pass through security check.
Kindly noted and thanks for your always support!